Airborne Dust in

larger area

We do clean dusts on the floor with a vacuum cleaner every day. How would you get rid of dust floating in the air you breathe?

TROMBE pollen test

TROMBE creates a large, powerful vortex in front of the unit

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Simulation

Vortex formed infront of TROMBE 

TROMBE Airborne Dust Cleaner provides the solution! 

How does a powerful tornado suck everything into its funnel, even cars? A tornado’s vortex creates a huge pressure differential, producing a vacuum-like effect. TROMBE recreated and miniaturized this vortex to room-unit proportions and created the revolutionary TROMBE Airborne Dust Cleaner. It harnesses a powerful vortex in front of the unit to capture many more particles, including heavy, capture-resistant particles like pollens in size of 10μm~30μm that trigger the most allergic reactions.

TROMBE Airborne Dust Cleaner integrates this proprietary “Swirler Vortex technology (SVT)” to replicate the sort of power that allows a tornado to ingest heavy objects into its funnel, and move much more of a room’s air -- and the particulates in it -- through the machine’s filters. This groundbreaking technology offers an unprecedented solution for people concerned about dust, fine particles, allergens, dust mites, pollen, and tobacco smoke in the air they breathe. A room operating a TROMBE Airborne Dust Cleaner is noticeably cleaner because removing particulates removes not only allergens but unpleasant odors as well.

TROMBE pollen test

Vortex formed infront of TROMBE