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Hacks Conventional Air Purifiers / Challenging the Definition of Air Purification

This is one of the industry leading air purifiers.

Let’s see what happens when we artificially generate 0.3㎛ dust particles that are smaller and lighter than PM2.5.

Even particulate dusts this small and light are not being pulled into the device properly.     
Rather, it’s being blown along the air exhaust vent, upwards into the air that we inhale.

Then where is the strongest air current within an air purifier?                                                                 
It’s the wind that comes out of the air exhaust.

Because the air current from the air exhaust vent is much stronger than the intake air current, the airborne particles are not sucked in through the air intake.                                                       
Rather, they move along the winds from the air exhaust vent and spread all over the room.

Air circulation never guarantees that particles get sucked into the device.


You may think that the dispersed dust particles will circulate the room, and then be re-absorbed into the air purifier.
The returned particles spread in the room once again, by following the strong air currents of the air exhaust. This cycle repeats indefinitely.
Then where do these fine dust particles end up?
No one can know for sure.
However, one thing is certain. The filter inside the air purifier isn’t the final destination of these dust particles.

This is the biggest problem of air purifiers.
No matter how expensive your air purifier is or how frequent you use it, this is the reason why we cannot escape from asthma, chronic rhinitis and allergies.
This phenomenon would be applied to viruses in the same way.
In fact, studies have shown that viruses spread along the current through the exhaust of air purifiers, leading to an increase in infection rate.

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